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Digital Cable is the Future of Home Entertainment
Cable television has been around for a long time, but there really haven’t been that many significant changes to the technology during that time. A single coaxial cable is used to deliver a preset selection of channels to your home, where your TV or tuner box decode the signal into a picture and sound. The signal is uncompressed, which means each channel takes up a lot of the available space, or bandwidth, on the cable. Learn more about Cable TV Deals here!

The end result is a selection of channels that is limited to a few dozen, due to space constraints on the cable. And, since the signal has to travel from the transmitter to your home in an uncompressed form, a lot of interference and signal loss occurs along the way. You end up with a limited variety of channels to watch, and some of those may be difficult or impossible to watch due to static and poor sound quality.

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Digital cable solves all of these problems by compressing the television signal and using a digital decoder in your home or TV to turn it back into pictures and sound. Compressing the signal makes it take up much less of the cable’s bandwidth. That allows for many more channels to be delivered over the same coaxial cable.

Where a traditional cable provider can deliver around 60 channels, a digital cable provider can deliver more than 200 over the same cable. And, since the signal is digitally compressed, it is protected from most interference and signal loss. Once the signal reaches your home, it is decompressed, any remaining interference is filtered out, and crystal clear pictures and sounds are delivered to your TV.

The picture clarity is one many things that set digital cable apart from traditional cable service. All of your favorite shows, sports, and movies will look and sound better than ever with digital cable. And, unlike satellite television service, you can enjoy all of your favorite shows even if it’s raining or snowing outside. Search Cable TV Providers by Zip Code!

You’ll never have to deal with the frustration of trying to watch your favorite programs through static or having to try to listen to them with muffled or tinny sound quality. You’re paying for television service so you can watch what you want to watch on TV – it doesn’t make any sense to pay for a service that provides channels that are unwatchable. With digital cable television, every channel comes through loud and clear, rain or shine.

Digital cable is also able to deliver a wide array of features and options that aren’t available from a traditional cable television provider. These features add variety and functionality to your digital cable service, making it the most versatile and flexible home entertainment service available.

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Features like an integrated Onscreen Guide to help you plan and manage your television viewing schedule. You get a lot of channels with digital cable, and the Onscreen Guide makes it easy to keep up with all of the entertainment variety those channels deliver. You can quickly browse through current and upcoming programs, reading descriptions, reviews, and ratings as you go.

At a glance, you can get all the information you need to decide which shows you want to watch. You can set reminders to tell you when your favorite shows are about to start, so you never have to worry about accidentally missing them. And, with an integrated Digital Video Recorder, you can set and modify recordings right from the Onscreen Guide.

The DVR works seamlessly with the Onscreen Guide to put you in complete control of your television viewing schedule. You can schedule individual recordings, or set the DVR to record entire seasons, right from the Guide. You never have to worry about setting clocks or putting a tape in the recorder, the DVR uses time signals from the Onscreen Guide and an internal hard drive to store your recordings.

A DVR can hold hundreds of hours of recordings, including High Definition content. Some DVRs can record multiple shows simultaneously, and even allow you to record shows while watching other recorded shows. A DVR puts you in complete control of the TV schedule – you’ll never have to miss your favorite shows, or rush home to see them, again.

Digital cable television really stands apart from traditional cable in terms of quality, variety, and convenience. You get a better product, more entertainment to enjoy, and more ways to enjoy it than with other providers, and for not much more money. Get great Cable TV Savings online!

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